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Recent Financial Advisory Work

  • Leveraged buyout of technology services company
  • M&A advice regarding Soundmatters and Andover Audio
  • Pageflex acquisition of Earth Integrate (social media company)
  • Advised on funding strategy for a new energy vehicle company
  • Advised on valuation and shareholder action for $11 billion AUM investment
  • Advised on strategic partner capital raise and license of product for Attain Response while maintaining founder control

Example of Value Added Advice and Investment

  • Alpha Capital advised on the restructuring of Provista Diagnostics, a firm with a revolutionary blood based diagnostic for breast cancer to replace mammography, which may be inaccurate and painful. Alpha Capital provided advisory services in restructuring the capital structure, recruiting the ideal CEO, and making an investment in the Company. We believe Provista will provide great economic and medical value in the future.

Additional Transactions

  • Rockford Industries, specialty finance company – IPO
  • Private equity placement with Sun America – $165 million open pool securitization program, sale to American Express
  • California BIDCO, one of the largest SBA 7 (a) lenders – Leveraged buyout raising $20 million equity, $20 million subordinated debt, $75 million bank line, $150 million securitization program
  • Community Care Systems, Wellesley, Massachusetts, Psychiatric Hospital Chain – Refinancing and turn-around of hospital chain
  • Mountasia Entertainment – $10 million convertible note, purchase of division from Time Warner
  • Heritage Partners – Advisor in raising $175 million fund (Fund I)
  • Analog and Digital Systems – Raised $3 million private institutional capital from Arthur D. Little’s Memorial Drive Trust, MV Partners, and others, served as long-time board member; advised on sale of company to another electronics firm
  • Cook Family Foods, $130 million Sale to ConAgra
  • Computer Partners, Wellesley, Massachusetts – Advised in $25 million sale to Computer Sciences Corp., Washington, D.C.
  • Organogensis – Bridge loan, IPO advisory; invested in Company

Public Service