Jack Bloom, President, Founder

Mr. Bloom has worked on Wall Street for more than 25 years as a Managing Director and Head of Corporate Finance for a number of boutique investment banks. He originated and executed numerous M & A transactions, private placements, and IPO’s.  He is a senior adviser to many Boards of Directors, CEO’s, institutional funds, and high net worth individuals.

Mr. Bloom also founded a profitable financial service business with his Wall Street partners which was sold to a group of hedge funds. Mr. Bloom was Adjunct Professor of Management and Finance at the NYU Stern School of Management and Peking University.

During the financial crisis, he was a close adviser to the Congress regarding bank regulation. An interview with Bloom was recently featured on Forbes.com. Mr. Bloom graduated with honors from Harvard College in 1979. He received his M.B.A. from the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management where he studied directly with Nobel Laureates Fisher Black, Robert Merton, Paul Samuelson, and Robert Solow.

Chase DingChase Ding, Senior Associate and Equity Analyst

Chase Ding is formerly of Credit Suisse Founder Securities, Ltd., H & Z Capital, and BDO International Limited. He holds a Master’s Degree in Management from NYU.

Mr. Canxiong (“Eddie”) Li, Senior Associate

Eddie joined Alpha Capital in 2013. He has outstanding modeling and analysis skills and assists in all of our transactions. He has an MBA from Dowling College.