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Our Firm

Alpha Capital is a strategic financial and M&A advisory firm that has been providing investment banking services since its establishment in 2005. Our principals have been established industry members since 1983, have provided valuable advice on proposed legislation and have been featured in the media. We add value to our clients by utilizing our extensive industry contacts, knowledge and experience.

Our firm has provided reliable valuation for transactions, coordinated mergers and acquisitions and arranged financing. We have serviced transactions involving some of the most recognized participants in their respective industries, including American Express, ConAgra and Time Warner.

Our experience has allowed us to foster relationships the largest bulge bracket firms as well as numerous middle market private equity firms, law firms and other M&A advisors. Over the years we have developed a reputation for quality, independence and reliability that is well respected in our field.

Alpha Capital is pleased to have an alliance with DeBere Capital Partners in London. DeBere is an award-winning corporate finance boutique focused on raising capital for growth companies and alternative funds. DeBere was named Strategic Capital Raising Investment Boutique of the Year, March 17, 2015. DeBere Partners also won the Acquisition International Magazine Rising Star of the Year Award (Capital Raising and Best Institutional Fund Provider) at the 2013 International Hedge Fund Awards.


Our Team